taznim-rs asked:

Dear Bubbles c:

We don’t talk as much anymore (idk why?! you must really hate me) but you are an amazing person to be around, you are so sweet (cept when you constantly call me a scumbag) you really need to hurry up with max/comp I mean even hayley has it -_-… But yes bubbles everytime we talk its always a good time!! You can’t disagree wif dat either xoxo YoudaBest (~:! Bubbles n Puddles #1

krissy-rs asked:
Dear Krissy? :} ;3 ?? :d

Why not dear girlfriend :’3333, but I think you know enough for now (: <33

aaron-rs asked:
dear aa ro n!

dear aa ro n!

So I met your dumb ass about a year and a half ago and I wanna tell you the way we met was so FUCKING stupid that it still stands why we are friends, we literally tried getting out black dragons on top of each other… Anyways bro I used to skype/pvm all day with you back in #Btgod shit was fire and now I’m talking to your ass on a regular bases you a bro dude keep it G.

Dear light saber and the east side boyz

Dear light saber and the east side boyz

Basically hated you and the boyz in the beginning but bruh after getting to know you guys you’re #sQuad ayy I LOIKE IT… But yah bro you chill as hell always enjoy Pvming and chatting with you sQuad out ~

ships-rs asked:
dear marc,,,.,.., >:~)

^o^ :D (: <: :> c: :’3 xo 

Fucking shit kid LOL

steve-rs asked:
dear steve breh

Dear Steve Breh

You a funny little cunt along with everyone else that chills in Tumblr Ts, tbh I remember when i first joined tumblr and for the longest fucking time I didn’t know Steve in Rs was Steve from Tumblr smfh… Anyways bro you cool guy and I can tell from snapchats you like to have a good time R000FL be careful man. Tumblr inspirfuckingration right here bois.

dwarfweed asked:
Dear Dwarfweed GOGOGOG

I hate you lol

avidlyrs asked:
Dear Joeyyyyyyy

Dear Joey

Bruhhhhhh I met your ass in the Tumblr Ts while you were talking to Hannah and ngl you were pretty chill ass niggi to talk to, LOL I remember when the thing for RuneSpan came out for our trim req that one night and unlike you I didn’t even finish it!! Was pretty pisseddd, but nah bro you chill as hell idek why we ain’t friends on scape yet?! hmu.


 Hi I’m Krissy I’m new to #runescape, here’s a selfie my boyfriend Zack made me post :’3


 Hi I’m Krissy I’m new to #runescape, here’s a selfie my boyfriend Zack made me post :’3

not-kir asked:
*thumbs up*

*thumbs up higher*

Take it sideways and filtered, i&#8217;m to insecure for this shit &gt;.&lt;!
~ Hi i&#8217;m Zack.

Take it sideways and filtered, i’m to insecure for this shit >.<!

~ Hi i’m Zack.

krissy-rs asked:
why are youuu so cute and sweeeeet and amazing ??? c: omg

Love you


I got trimmed completionist omg! Thank you to the peeps that supported me; Lua (leslie), Fable (James), Zack (zack), Tital (tim), Gucci (danny), and many others!

After always saying I’d never get trim, but I gave in & started working towards the reqs around Christmas time. On the whole I’ve had so much fun and really enjoyed the journey to trim.

Anyway yay thank you everyone, yayay. Woot. Omg. :~)

HANNAH BABE@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ GRATS <3333333333 YOU DA BES XOXO